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Allow me to introduce myself.

Since 2006, I’ve crisscrossed the world — from the Mongolian Steppe to the Mississippi Delta — producing documentary films. Three broadcast nationally on PBS and one was the centerpiece for a national grassroots screening campaign reaching 3,000 communities and generating $1.5 million.

As much as I liked living out of my suitcase and hunting stories in the field, I’ve grown to love the process of making sure my films stand out in a crowded media landscape and connect with my biggest fans — people that not only loved the film but bought it.

I’ve hung up my boom pole and shifted my focus. I consult with filmmakers to identify their audience, create powerful partnerships, and build sustainable creative careers. Publications like Indiewire, Documentary Magazine, and No Film School have featured my recent work.

My whole life I’ve been drawn to people and collaboration. Fresh out of college, I started working at the California State Capital. I advocated for ideas, built coalitions, and got the Governator to sign important bills into law. That’s where I learned the power of finding common ground and shared interest — what a mutually beneficial collaboration can achieve. 

I discovered that my training in politics combined with my passion for storytelling helped me excel at creating impactful win-win partnerships to reach my films' most passionate fans and generate revenue. Audience engagement may be the dreaded part of the filmmaking process for many artists, but that’s the part I thrive on.

When I’m not on the job, I climb rocks and mountains, cook meals based loosely on recipes, and enjoy time with my lovely wife, Sofia, and kitty cat, Moose, at my home in Los Angeles.